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Australian Forest History Society Book Review – ‘Fires, Farms and Forests’

If you haven’t bought my book “Fires, Farms and Forests”, this book review on pages 17 and 18 of the Australian Forest History Society Newsletter Number 81 (December 2020) may inspire you to take the plunge. You can view the newsletter online at


Robert Onfray, 2020. Fires, Farms and Forests.Read more

Sequel to “Our friends at Hervey Bay”

As we entered south-east Queensland for the summer period, and before we do some house-sits during the summer school holidays, we decided to return to Hervey Bay for a couple of weeks. 

We stayed at the same caravan park and same site we had during the 12-week COVID lockdown period.

In September’s travel blog I shared our experiences with the local antechinus who would entertain us each dusk as they were out and about feeding.… Read more