Sequel to “Our friends at Hervey Bay”

As we entered south-east Queensland for the summer period, and before we do some house-sits during the summer school holidays, we decided to return to Hervey Bay for a couple of weeks. 

We stayed at the same caravan park and same site we had during the 12-week COVID lockdown period.

In September’s travel blog I shared our experiences with the local antechinus who would entertain us each dusk as they were out and about feeding. I also wrote about their strange lifestyle and how the males would all die a gruesome death after a reproduction frenzy.

We knew we wouldn’t see our mates again, but I can report that the next generation has settled into the site and this little bugger has enjoyed feeding near us, particularly on the left-over toast crumbs we leave behind.

Antechinus searching for bread crumbs

He provides entertainment as he scurries along the irrigation pipe and has his home under a potted palm with bromeliads for added protection.Unfortunately, the caravan park allows pets to stay, so we hope our little friends are not affected by future tenants and their dogs scaring them away.

Watch the video below.

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